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To make Danish Near Eastern Neolithic research and the research results of Shkarat Msaied more visible and accessible to a wider (younger) audience the Danish Ministry for Education and Research  and the Danish Institute in Damascus are supporting our initivate to produce a graphic novel and a travelling exhibition based on our research . The graphic sequences will be produced by the Award-winning artist Nuka Godtfredsen in close cooperation with the excavation team. 

The story will be centred around results from Shkarat Msaied and deals with with the daily life as well as mortuary practices during  the (Pre-Pottery) Neolithic. The graphic sequences by Nuka Godtfredsen will help to illustrate the results in a very accessible way and will contribute to a wider perception of the Danish contribution to Near eastern Neolithic research. As these graphic sequences are meant to become an integrated part of the final publication of the archaeological project, we see this project as a case study for the future use of graphic novel sequences in archaeological reporting.

An animated version of the graphic novel is planned to be avaialible via this webpage in future as well.

More coming soon...

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