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Welcome to the virtual reality world of 3d-Shkarat Msaied

Here you will find some results of our digital archaeology field recordings: photogrammetric recordings, time lapse recordings, screenshots of the work process, 3D-models of contexts, artefacts, and buidlings. We are cooperating as well with the [HUMlab] at the University of Copenhagen South Campus Library.

Shkarat Msaied 2016 UNIT F

based on ca. 450 images processed with Agisoft Photoscan and MeshLab (prepared by Moritz Kinzel 2017 [published on Sketchfab 28.03.2017]).

Shkarat Msaied 2016_Unit F by moritzkinzelon Sketchfab

SM2015 3D modelling with AutoDesk recap 360

SM2015 screenshot 3D modelling with AutoDesk recap360

SM2016 3D-model texture of unit F