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SM2004 Soil samples from the field school days


First plaster sudies were carried out by Lea Rehoff Kaliszan. In 2011  a series of mortar and plaster samples was investigated by Dr Robert Sobott, Labor für Baudenkmalpflege Naumburg. Mainly X-ray diffractions were carried out to determin the compositions of plasters and mortars. Another aim was also to identify the nature of the lime plaster.

The investigation of a thin sections of sample No. 92270 (see figure below) and No. 92130 proves that the samples are indeed mortars: angular to sub-rounded quartz grains are embedded in a calcitic matrix. It is, however, distinctly visible that the calcite content of the matrix varies, and it seems to be highest at the surface. In sample No. 92130 small pieces of charcoal were observed which are probably derived from the process of lime burning.