Shkarat Msaied – University of Copenhagen


Welcome to the website for the Danish excavations at Neolitic Shkarat Msaied, Southern Jordan. The site which is located approx. 16km north of Wadi Musa/Petra has been excavated since 1999.

The name of the site was transcibt in various ways through the time. Here a (incomplete) list of known variations: Eshkaret Emsa’ad: Palmer 1871; Shaqaret M’siad: Kirkbride 1966; Šaqarat Masiyād: Gebel 1984; Šaqqārat Muşa’id: Gebel 1986; Šaqarat Maş’ad: Gebel 1986; Shaqarat Musai’id: Gebel 1988; Sqart Mesei’id/ esh-Karat Umm Sa’id: Lindner & Genz 2000; Shaqarat Mazyad: Kaliszan et al. 2001; Shaqarat Mas'ad: Lindner 2003; Shkārat Msaied: Kinzel 2005, Hermansen et al. 2006; Shakārat al-Musay’id: Jensen et al. 2005(modified by the DoA). With the kind assistance of our representative of the 2004 season Mr. Hani Falahat, inspector of the Department of Antiquities, Ma´an region, we agreed upon the transcription of the name as it is used here:  شکارۃ مسیعد /Shkārat Msaied. The meaning of the site name is a small plot of land assigned to a poor man (called Said) by the local land owner.

The project has been realised with the support and co-operation of:
The Department of Antiquities in Jordan
(Petra Archaeologcial Park and Cultural Heritage)
(Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority)
Carlsberg Foundation (2003-2005)
Danish Institute in Damascus (2014-2017)
Danish Palestine Foundation (2015, 2016)